Matt Hughes – 8 Time UFC Welterweight Champion To Endorse ShoeMoney

As first announced on my blogcast yesterday ShoeMoney Media Group INC has ink’d a deal with Matt Hughes to have him do some paid endorsements of some of my websites and also in his next fight 2 of his corner guys are going to be wearing my shirts and Matt will have a small patch on his shorts of one of my sites. I have not decided what shirts yet. I really think its kind of silly to have them wear shoemoney shrits since like I make little money off of this blog… I dunno that might be fun though to see them in the white ShoeMoney shirt to such a HUGE audience that the UFC PPV gets.

Matt trains in my hometown and he was super easy to work with. The hardest part was getting his phone number. I cant wait to see how it works out 😉

We are going to be doing filming July 31st at Champions Gym in Davenport, IA

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