Matt Hughes – 8 Time UFC Welterweight Champion To Endorse ShoeMoney

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As first announced on my blogcast yesterday ShoeMoney Media Group INC has ink’d a deal with Matt Hughes to have him do some paid endorsements of some of my websites and also in his next fight 2 of his corner guys are going to be wearing my shirts and Matt will have a small patch on his shorts of one of my sites. I have not decided what shirts yet. I really think its kind of silly to have them wear shoemoney shrits since like I make little money off of this blog… I dunno that might be fun though to see them in the white ShoeMoney shirt to such a HUGE audience that the UFC PPV gets.

Matt trains in my hometown and he was super easy to work with. The hardest part was getting his phone number. I cant wait to see how it works out ;)

We are going to be doing filming July 31st at Champions Gym in Davenport, IA

22 thoughts on “Matt Hughes – 8 Time UFC Welterweight Champion To Endorse ShoeMoney

  1. Insomniac

    I’m a big fan of Matt Hughes and mixed martials arts as a whole. Great way to support a true champion and your hometown!

  2. Ken Savage

    Can Matt put Jeremy in a choke hold and say something like, “Buy My ringtone of me choking this pencil neck geek out.”

    j/k Jeremy. Great idea.

  3. johnny i

    You’re spending advertising dollars in the right sports medium..the UFC is taking boxing off the mainstream maps and is quickly becoming a North American sports cult following! As for Matt Hughes, yes he is a distinguished champion, but keep some of your ad dollars for the Great Canadian George St. Pierre…a match I cannot wait to see!

  4. Dave

    I’m an MMA freak! When I first loaded the blog I thought I was seeing things when I read Matt Hughes lol. Kudos to you on supporting him and bringing attention to the UFC!

    PS He’s going to beat St. Pierre again.

  5. Gman

    This is an “interesting” mktg test. Do you think you’ll ever get a positive ROI out of it? As you mentioned, UFC traffic to probably won’t bring in much revenue (most likely will be curiosity factor). Now if you’ve got some mma forums, then that would make a lot more sense to me.

    Good luck…keep us posted on any traffic/rev bumps that potentially come out of this.

  6. Robert Nichols

    WOW shoe thats some great stuff there.. Mark hughs is the man! I must say you have some great contacts… i would love to see the outcome on this I know offline marketing can be good, but with UFC thats off the charts…I cant wait to see what shirt you pick….However if you cant find a shirt i make one with my domain J/K LOL

  7. MMAblogger

    Wow, that’s pretty awesome.
    Are you going to have any of your websites written on his bare back? I find those stand out the most…and since it’s Matt Hughes, he’ll probably be on top a lot (beating the crap out of his opponent), exposing his back to the audience and the camera.

  8. Todd

    That rocks Jeremy. Hughes is a badass, and he didn’t jus’ BEAT Royce Gracie…he made it look like there was no contest. Would be quite cool to see the Shoemoney logo, but probably a better bet to promote some better targeted Aff stuff that’ll actually bring some ROI.

    Be sure to let us know when it airs.

    The UFC finale with that Kendal guy and Ed Herman was one of the best fights I’ve seen in a while.

  9. Ron

    what would you charge to be the only martial arts link on shoe money for the week of the fight … (starting fight night and out 1 week)…

    I have a few domains….. :)

  10. mrrbobs_classified_ads

    looks like your ego may have go the best of you… why would you bother promoting this site via a means such as this? You need to think this through and promote something a little more sensible to the audience you will have there. I do think if it were the right domain and you had it on his back using some kind of permanent ink that would not run and get messy when he was sweating, now this may get you some traffic and promo value.

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  12. Nunya

    Hope you didn’t pay too much for that deal seeing as how he got his ass throughly beat down in his last fight.

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