Juliet Joyce Schoemaker – Born 7pm 6-23-06

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I am pround to announce I had a baby girl today. Juliet Joyce Schoemaker. She was born very healthy 7lbs. Other then the radio show I am not doing much for the next few weeks so If you email me I might not respond for a bit.

Juliet Schoemaker

juliet schoemaker
Juliet Schoemaker

juliet schoemaker

139 thoughts on “Juliet Joyce Schoemaker – Born 7pm 6-23-06

  1. Merrick

    Congratulations!!! Your are blessed to be a father. Make sure to pamper your wife too, she deserves it.

  2. Bazkaz

    Congrats Jeremy! The first week is the toughest… my daughter just turned 21 months old today. It’s an awesome feeling having a child. Take lots of pictures.

    …and as Merrick said, “Pamper your wife.” It helps! =)
    Congrats again!

  3. John

    Yes, I’ve seen that look before. Worn it a couple of times myself ;)
    Congratulations Jeremy, makes almost everything seem insignificant doesn’t it ?

    Don’t forget to pamper your wife (as already mentioned) she does indeed deserve it. Beautiful pic BTW :)

  4. Vivek

    Hey Shoe, Long time. Congrats mate. Your daughter looks lovely. Congrats to your wife as well. Congrats once again and Good luck.

  5. greg

    AWESOME! Very happy to hear that all went well. It’s not until you live through it until you understand the “miracle of birth”.

    Congratulations to you and the Mrs.

  6. Eduardo Maio

    Congratulations to you and your family. Best of luck!

    Hold some money for a shotgun, I’m sure you will need it in 16 years or so to keep all the guys out of your door… lol

  7. chris

    waaaa wwaaaaaa wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaa
    feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddddddd mmmmeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ah the joys of parent hood, hope she looks like her mother! (hehe!)
    Good job congrats!

  8. Dave Starr

    Blessing and congratulations to you and yours, Jeremy. Take plenty of time way from this artificial blogosphere and enjoy your family. They are what is truly important in life

  9. Bjorn Stannek Persson

    Congratulations to your daughter! My girlfriend and I had our daughter in October ’05, and I can tell you you are in for the ride of your life… It’s painfull, it’s hard, it’s going to stress you out, render you sleepless, make you go crazy and you will break down and cry many times… And the best part? You are going to love every single minute of it! Having a child is like falling in love, only ten times stronger :D

  10. Rick

    Congratulations!! It’s great news to hear that the new ShoeBaby arrived both healthy and beautiful! You guys picked an awesome name too… you are very blessed!

  11. flypitcher

    lets hope she takes her mother’s looks:)
    I have a daughter as well but just wait until you start drug testing the boyfriends:0
    best of luck

  12. ogletree

    Congrats Shoe. I can’t imagine anything that can bring more joy than having a child. I can’t wait to have one of my own.

  13. Mike Seiler


    Are those the baby-goodies Google gave you, or did she already start an Adsense account and generate enough cash to start getting her own freebies? ;-)

  14. Keeb

    Daaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaayem! Congrats man! i got 3 of my own girls are so much fun and shes a cutey.. yall do good work..


  15. Cozmo

    Congrats man. I’m glad you’re taking some time off (but still doing the show). I think I need to get myself more successful so I get geek-wear for my baby from the search engines!

  16. Kris

    Congrats! What a beautiful, healthy-looking girl. The last shot looks like she’s already aware & looking at the camera!

  17. Fredto

    I join the other with my congratulations.

    I wish you, you wife and your newborn child the best of what life has to offer. Take care of each other, sure you deserve it!

  18. Markus

    Congrats! I guess it’s getting pretty popular for celebrities to have babies now ;) (Nice to see such a long list of congrats). Cheers!

  19. Bulbboy

    “But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun.”

    Someone had to quote Romeo & Juliet. Congratulations to your and your family Shoe. You’re gonna be even busier than usual soon. :)

  20. The Seven Of Us

    Congrats from me and my family to you and
    yours. Following some of your posts is what
    allows me to be a stay at home dad and put
    my wife through school. Make sure to take
    time to enjoy every minute of her growing up,
    ours seem to be growing like weeds.

  21. mrrbobs_classified_ads

    mrrbob here, Congrats to you and your family Jeremy! enjoy your time with her. My son Steven is 22 now and every minute I spent with him was the best time of my life. I changed the first diaper in the hospital and never looked back. I spent every bit of time I could with him. My wife had to fight me even to get up in the middle of the night to see to him. Also get that collage fund setup and secure now so what ever happens she will be set. Never pass up a moment you can spend with her because when she grows up and moves on you will know you did your best for her and you will have the memories to back it up. But try not to spoil her to much hahah.

  22. Jeff P

    Congrats! I have a four month old girl. Look forward to getting that first real smile!

  23. D. Campbell

    Congratulations! Beautiful little girl. As the father of two beautiful girls…I can tell you…she ‘owns’ you now. :) Make sure you spoil her.

  24. Cygnus

    Congrats Shoe; that’s awesome. I still have another 3 months to go until I meet my little girl.

  25. Adam Lasnik

    Wow, the silence here is deafening! :D

    Seriously, though, major congrats (particularly on your good taste in having Juliet wear a Google cap). All the best to you, your wife, and of course, Juliet!

  26. Michael Jones

    Congratulations Man,

    I have one on the way as well. It is the greatest gift in the world. Cherish it!


  27. Stevie12

    Congrats shoemoney,
    Like so many others i’m a quiet reader of your blog and dp posts and theres not many like you so all the best and hope you enjoy it.

  28. Suzigeek

    Congradulations! I have the same sweet image of my hubby napping at the hospital with our daughter after her birth. Its one of my favorite pics. Lucky guys able to fall asleep! I didn’t sleep for 4 days!

    The ride home from the hospital with the baby is the most tripped out experience. Everything has changed and doesn’t really hit till you leave the hospital.


  29. R-Man

    Outstanding news Jeremy! Congratulations to you and the family.
    (Your choice of baby clothes to include in the pictures was very diplomatic!)

  30. Jeba

    Now you have entered a new phase of your life with increased responsibility. Enjoy your fatherhood.

    BTW nice Google and Yahoo clothings.. I already see her making a forutune out of these companies using PPC :P .

    Good Luck Brother

  31. Webwork / Jeff

    Very happy for you. May your life of fatherhood be forever happy and peaceful and may your child thrive under you parenthood. Amen. Now . . . about that diaper change . . :)

  32. Domain Blog


    Your baby is beautiful. You are a lucky man. Congrats.

    Seems like yesterday that you PM’ed me over on DP asking for advice about parenting. Trust me about using Luvs! And be sure to sign her up for her own AdSense and YPN account as soon as possible. Yup.

    My baby girl is 3 now. She’s a total pain…but she’s also my best friend, and probably will be for life. :o)


  33. MarkN

    Let me be #139 to say congrats to you and Mrs. Shoe!
    I was surprised that little Juliet didn’t have any Azoogle attire.
    Start saving for her own Hummer…

  34. Brian Mark

    Congrats to both of you. Those little feet blankets are very familiar. We’ve got some of those around the house as well. I just didn’t get any Google / Yahoo baby stuff ahead of time… we had baby gear with our dog’s picture on it.

    Enjoy the little things… they go by too quickly.

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