Net Income 6-20-2006 Episode 3 The Guest Is….. You!!

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Tomorrow’s Net Income show is going to be almost all user participation. Each person that calls in will get a 15$ amazon gift certificut (code by email). Keep in mind there is no stupid questions… especially when WMR can edit the show in post production.

I will have Barry from seroundtable on again to do the money minute. and then we will move on to your calls and the chat!

If you want your site reviewed on the air feel free to put it in the comments and I will try to get to it.

As Always the show starts at 5pm CST/6pm EST Be in the chatroom and listen live on!

24 thoughts on “Net Income 6-20-2006 Episode 3 The Guest Is….. You!!

  1. JB

    whats up shoemoney I just started checking out this blog and checked out your previous radio shows, they are cool. Im trying to learn as much about seo and getting up in the search engines as I can, I sell hiphop jewelry and im sure listening to your show and checking out your blog on the regular I could do way better then I am now , so if you want to review my site on the show its cool with me peace !

  2. Michael

    Wasn’t the next guest supposed to be the guy from PlentyofFish? I swear I heard that somewhere :)

  3. ShoeMoney

    Markus is going to be on the 27th as posted.

    I did not want to schedule him on the 20th because I was not sure of my schedule. I really thought I would be having a baby now

  4. flypitcher

    Are Shoemoney and Markus dating now;0
    Have they buried the hatchet yet?
    I’ve been away so sorry if I missed anything.

  5. Andrea

    speaking of HIP HOP jewelry, you should see if Shoe will post a pic of him wearing his birthday present from me ?:) I totally iced him out ;)

  6. burgerking

    Hi Shoe, has been around for over a year, and has gotten pretty big – but I’m always interested in tips for increasing traffic and income. I heard you & Lee talk about running competitions to increase traffic & site activity – but how do you attract new people this way (aren’t the people that find out about the comp already going to your site?).


  7. Jason Geiger

    I am actually afraid to have my site critiqued in a forum such as your show. After some thought I’ve decided not to be a wuss.

    I think you should for a few “types” of site. My blog would be a good example of a Blogger blog. Reviewing the shortcomings of Blogger blogs could be usefull to a lot of people.

  8. Kevin Boyer

    Hah, I saw the post date (June 18) and the first word (“Tomorrow’s…”) and thought I had missed it =P. I was all angry with myself. Forunately I didn’t, so you can bet I’ll be there tomorrow! Or at least I’ll try to. Knowing me I’ll forget :/

  9. garrett

    You could talk about Link building. Free directories, Writing artricles, and yahoo pay directory. I would love to hear what your views are on these

  10. Cozmo

    Just the fact that I don’t want to have my sites reviewed on the air is almost a mini-review in itself.. If I think they suck that much something is wrong. I’m looking forward to your show.

  11. Cozmo

    Just wanted to say that your show went pretty well. I’m diggin it a lot and it is helping to keep me motivated. My wife is pregnant too (only not due until January), and my new goal is to get my web sites making enough that I don’t need to worry about her working. I’m on a mission!

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