Making Money From Forums – Net Income Episode 2

This week on Net Income the show was purely about making money from forums and other social websites. This show was a little better structured and we started the show with the “Money Minute” with Barry Scwartz of

The Money Minute basically covers what is new ways to make money online. I thought barry would be best for this because he has such a eye on all the forum and blog community. In this weeks Money Minute we covered Google’s new ecommerce product called GBuy, Ebay’s New Contextual Product, and also the position open at Google to be the Adsense Advisor to the forum community.

Also at that time I announced the guest for the June 27th show is Markus Frind. Markus has recently posted a check on his blog for over 900,000$ Canadian for 2 months. Now that is like 25k/day off of adsense… not to shabby.

So Markus will come on and we will take some calls from YOU. Here is your chance to get advice from someone who has built a empire so make sure you call in and ask questions or ask questions in the chat room.

My guest for the show Was Lee Dodd owner of MANY huge forums and I thought he would be a great person to have on the show to talk about making money from forums.

Lee came on and talked abit about his forums then we started taking questions and calls from people.

Lee talked a bit about the various streams of revenue:

Inteletext – Vibrant media
Contextual – Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network
Donation – Paypal donations
Subscription – Paypal and other Subscriptions
CPM Advertising – various
Affiliate Revenue – Lee also likes azoogleads
Direct Text and Ad Links- Various

We broke down each kind of revenue stream and how they integrate into forums. I think this was some realllllly good information for people running forums looking for other forums.

People also asked about what forums we like and dont like. I commented about how I hate phpbb2 and how insecure it is.

There were several people that called in and ask Lee and myself various questions. I really enjoyed hosting the show.

I want to thank Lee. He really did AWESOME JOB.

I think this show went much smoother then the first one. I still suck at times but its getting better. HEY WE HAVENT BEEN CANCELED YET!!!! WEEEEEEE