ShoeMoney Mini-Contest Prizes Increased

The same rules are in effect as in This Post but going to make it a little more fun. (Cause I think we all agree the #1 will be next to impossible)

So on the 22nd of June I will look at Yahoo, MSN, and Google results for Shoemoney

For each site you have in the top #10 results I will give you a gift certificate to The amounts for the prizes will be as follows.

For the #10 spot – 10$
#9 – $20
#8 – $30
#7 – $40
#6 – $50
#5 – $65
#4 – $80
#3 – $100
#2 – $150

Should make this a little more fun =)

Again this is all in addition to what was posted Here

Rules – You must be able to verify the site was made/owned by you by uploading a randomly named html file in the event there is question to the identity of the winner. (much like how google identifies “site owners”)

Link requirements – there is none.

Multiple winners – You can win multiple times. For instance if you get all 10 spots in yahoo, msn and google for the keyword shoemoney then you make a dent in my wallet.