Can you outrank me for shoemoney ? I got 1000$ that says you can’t

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For the next Month (until June 22nd) every sunday at midnight CST I will check the Google results for the keyword “shoemoney” on Yahoo Google and MSN.

You can call it a seo competition or whatever. This IS NOT and has nothing to do with the upcoming SEM 25,000$ competition.

The first person to outrank me on the following engine(s) will get the following:

Google will get 500$
MSN will get 250$
Yahoo will get 250$

There is no catch. There is no link requirements. You outrank me and you win.

It should be pretty easy for msn and yahoo… but I doubt you will get me on Google.

The only requirement is that you agree to my standard contest rules here

Good Luck

44 thoughts on “Can you outrank me for shoemoney ? I got 1000$ that says you can’t

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  3. Richard Overvold

    Well Thor, if I made a site ranking for shoemoney, and I ran adsense on my site and never sent traffic shoe’s way, then I win. :)

    Rule number 1 should be after the contest is over, everyone has to redirect to my adsense page….. I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Clint Dixon

    See this is dirty pool.

    You know full well that it take Google 90 days to update their index to show changes. So if a person were to have started to SEO for the term ‘shoemoney’ two weeks ago before you even thought of announcing the challenge, they would not be able to see the results till after your challenge is over..

    Next your owning the domain and having optimized it for the term already would seem to indicate that out ranking you would be near impossible..

    Next why would you want people to waste their time on trying to outrank you??

    hmmmm dont want the competiton going after your other ideas eh lol divert to something with little ROI…

    Nice tactic

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  6. GeorgeB

    Morons! When you pingback this blog post you add more shoemoney keywords to his comments for this page, hence addign mroe competition for yourself!

  7. Thor Schrock

    You don’t own Well I guess I don’t own, but then again I am not running contest to rank for it :-)

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  9. Misaras Stefan

    Nice stuff with these SEO contests. I followed the v7ndotcom one, or what was it about. And some of the other ones too. I don’t really want, though, to have someone get a fist ranking for the name of my company(stilxxi), when I have my website ( Maybe u like to do this for fun or there is a catch with this, but… I prefer to just watch u all go nuts about it.

    Maybe I’ll post something about this on my website, fully knowing I have absolutely no chance whatsoever against u all big guys :(


  10. J-Weezy

    Hmmm… I’ve had brand new domains show up first page of Google in as little as 3 weeks. Ive also got a PageRank 5 before in just a little over a month. If it’s taking you 90 days…you’re doing something horribly wrong

  11. itsll3

    Yes, I read shoemoneys blog — but that doesnt mean i dont agree with ‘Clint Dixon’. If anyone could really knock off a nice aged site like this, with 27,894 backlinks, they’d be rich, rich i tell you!! knocking any site they want from the top positions. I think it would be very hard to do at all, never mind 30 days. (is there even a chance seen as ‘shoemoney’ isnt actually a word, and the domain name is just www.{the keyword}.com??? )

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  13. J.P

    well they say you can’t please everyone!

    Good luck to everyone who does take part, it’s win-win really for shoemoney and “if” someone can knock him off the top spot in google I’m sure shoe will be asking you to work for him :)

  14. Darren McLaughlin

    I announced my entry 12 hours ago.

    Current results: in Yahoo im 23rd and in MSN i’m 41st.

    I’m really happy about this opportunity to spend your money, and I’d like to personally thank you in advance for it. You’re a great guy, Shoe Man, and it will be an honor ranking for your name.


  15. sam

    You got yourself a deal man……I’d put my site in this that i can outrank you…..yes……in 5 years time…. just jokin’ i like your site really. i hope you find time to visit mine….it’s really nothig that’s why i read yours often as a neo in this field.. thanks for the colors.

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  22. jayp

    cool! you drive traffic this way into your site. you pay $1000 in the total of the prizes, but you’ll make much much more with the traffic you drive to your site… building thousands backlinks…nice idea.

  23. Mike

    If you put some serious money you’ll get serious competition.
    That’s just for fun and icecream ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Not worth to try hard

    I think I’m somewhere in the 6th page lol

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  26. Misaras Stefan

    @ first, when I heard about the contest, I was amazed: you really wanna have someone outrank you! That’s interesting & funny indeed (it’s like my company would ever – maybe never – want to be outranked for stilxxi, which is the name of the website and company)! But now, reading more about this, I eventually agreed to write about it on our website, now that the contest is over. Why enter into such a non-sense contest? That’s quite a good q….

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  29. Reggie Trimnal

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