I used to be FAT until I had A Duodenal Switch

Warning: This post is about a weight loss procedure I went through about 2.5 years ago. It contains no information about making money online.

A lot of people have noticed in the photo gallery there is a new section called I used to be fat . Also I have posted a few places that I had weight loss surgery but I never really talked about it. Many people think I had the surgery that Al Rokr had called the Gastric Bypass. I had a newer more advanced procedure called the Duodenal Switch.

Duodenal SwitchI was 28 years old. 420 some LBS. I had sleep apnea so bad that I would stop breathing in excess of 180+ seconds in different spurts while sleeping. I was in the beginning stages of type 2 diabetes and my kidneys were working so hardcore that I was dumping protein in my urine. Yea I was in BAD SHAPE.

My girlfriend at the time , Dr. Shoemoney, now my wife, did tons of research on the two procedures and also performed Anesthesia in several surgeries of both so she got a lot of great information and background about each. The Duodenal Switch is a little less barbaric but has MUCH less reduction of patient weight regain.

On the day of surgery I weighed 420 lbs. I was really scared. I thought I was going to die. I made a envelope of all my passwords to my websites and accounts and gave a copy to my wife and another my mom. When I woke up from surgery I felt like someone had stabbed me in the stomach with a telephone pole. After 5 days in the hospital I went home and tried to drink these protein shakes. The thing that sucks right after you have surgery is that they want you to get in protein but since they just carved on your stomach its really hard. 2 weeks out from surgery i was eating soft foods like beans (pintos and cheese from taco bell was the win) and other stuff. At the 3rd week I was back to work and feeling more and more normal.
Duodenal Switch
I lost 200 lbs in about about 7 months then it took me another 3 months to loose the remaining 40. I have been holding at 190ish for the last year or so and feel very comfortable at that weight. My surgeon says I have about 30 lbs in loose skin they could wack off but I am not going to have cosmetic surgery. I made a deal with myself that this was strictly for health reasons and I am not going to back out on that now.

I have since counseled many males and females who were thinking about having weight loss surgery. I highly recommend this site for all questions related to the weight loss surgeries.

So whats it like now ?

Well I was 300lbs when I was 14 years old.. I was always a HUGE kid. It is a total change in quality of life. Many people said to me “why don’t you just diet and exercise”. People just do not understand the morbidly obese. One time not to long ago I was on a airplane and when I sat down there was a empty seat in between me and this woman. She turned to me and said, “I hope one of those fat ass people do not sit in between us. They should make those people buy to seats”. It is amazing how ignorant and cruel people can be. But that leads me to my next point… I think being SO OVERWEIGHT for so long really gave me some advantages now in my later years.

  • Cruelty – People are always asking me why I never get mad or upset about what people might say about me online. Please.. I was called so many vicious names by so many people and worse you think some critique online is going to make me upset?
  • Envy – I never feel envious of other people… You kind of get over that after always being picked last for teams in high school and never having any girls want to be more then a friend.
  • Working Hard – I always had to be THAT much better then all my competition for almost anything because of my weight. Society is pretty hardcore on the overweight and I probably had it easy being a male. Overweight females really get it bad from our society. You learn to pull your weight (no pun intended) and then some.

So I think those can be the upsides of being handicapped for years and years by being massively overweight. Not that I would recommend it but looking back I really feel like it helped me see the world in different shoes.

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