Plentyoffish – Marketing 101 When All Else Fails Just Lie

The following is my opinion-

Well… I can not believe so many people have bought into this whole plentyoffish scam. Actually I can. Social engineering totally amazes me.

Check out the list of people that have bought into this guys bullsh*t

Andrew Johnson

Robert Scoble

I remember when this guy was posting he was making 30$ a day from AdSense on webmasterworld. Then he solicited some people to scrape dating profiles of females from random sites so he could fill his dating website with female profiles.

Then he puts out some fake press releases with bullsh*t statistics like 5th largest dating site.

Now he makes up some crap that he is making 10k/day from AdSense

He hires people to blog about his bull crap and sends email to every blogger (including me) offering a “exclusive interview”. I called him out when he emailed me and told him I was not buying into his bullocks.

I have to give it up to him. He now has a successful site that people go to. Its possible he makes 1k/ a day NOW from AdSense.

Its kind of funny he makes 10k a day yet is not a premium publisher ?! give me a break dudes…. you look so stupid when you buy into his crap.