Looking for domain register – tried godaddy.com and moniker.com

Can anyone drop some names of registers and some experiences they have had with them.

Here is my experiences so far:


Solid infrastructure and time tested tools. Not really ideal for doing bulk stuff. The issues I was having getting my account locked out have been fixed since changing to something really obscure. I think godaddy maybe a bit TOO big for me. At-least I have never been shown a way to get a dedicated account representative there and I have almost 10,000 domains with them.


I was about to move everything to Moniker.com but quickly realized being a smaller registar they quickly fold to pressures. Not to mention there tech support although available is totally clueless about how there system works. Monte (the owner) seems to be a great guy but I think he has a REALLY long way to go to compete with the big boys. After too many glitches with unexplained outages on my domains I just cant afford to use moniker for new domains and since they have a no refund policy my money just sits in my account there… O well live and learn. I strongly advise with moniker you do not make a deposit until you play with there tools a bit.. especially if you are a bulk register. I was hoping to address some of these issues with Monte (the owner) at Boston where he was listed as speaking until the day of the conference and also Toronto but he did not show to either.

What I really need is a good API setup and mass dns entries. Please let me know if you have any suggestions based on your experiences.