Matt Cutts Confirms Media Bot Crawling For Big Daddy

by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 18, 2006 · 46 comments

At the Lunch sponsored by Google today Matt Cutts confirmed the recent rumors about media bot results getting into Big Daddy. Matt said it is a bandwidth saving feature to have GoogleBot and MediaBot both contributing to big daddy. Matt also stated that you will gain zero advantage in search listings however if you are serving different content to MediaBot then to Googlebot then you could be in trouble.

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1 SanDiegoSEO

Just another good tactic to combat cloaking

2 Jason Murphy

A slight bandwidth saving feature for webmasters too, not just Google. Especially true for large gallery or media sites.

3 Eric Giguere

Like I said yesterday, this is good. And remember, Google always wants to see what data you’re serving your human visitors, so this really shouldn’t be a surprise.

4 SEOidiot

hmmm and what about them crawling with no useragent all the time now???????

5 dan kavanaugh

it only combats blue collar cloaking

6 Brandon

I thought Matt went to Yahoo!…

7 Hunox

How about legal cases e.g. “members only” areas and such? What if mediabot indexes those and puts those pages into serps. This is just plain wrong!

8 yeah and also

it’ll be a while before google confirms this, but the number of adsense impressions significantly impacts your placement. i won’t say where, but we’ve done some tests, and shooting an URL to the top of the list for a specific search term via this method is pretty cake. Meanwhile, legitimate sites that have good content aren’t getting indexed by the bot at all.

9 AdSense MediaBot Indexing

Over a year ago I put AdSense on a site that was getting limited traffic and only had a couple hundred indexed pages. Being this site was a directory, I should have had thousands of indexed pages. Anyway, I added the code into a global footer and forgot about it.

Then about a week later, when I was going over some SEO data I noticed my indexed pages had jumped to 25,000. All these new indexed pages had that global footer. Of course this led me to believe the AdSense ads had something to do with it.

10 Jim

Matt Cutts Has confirmed that the adsense mediabot is working for collecting websities content for search index. So, there is no surprise because Goolge always look for content which will be serve by website owner to human visitors.


11 pilkster

I think the adsense TOS prohibts running ads on password protected content. You might want to check if this is a concern for you.


12 DA

So, no more testing with AdSense code on the page!
It only made sense (no pun) that they’d share the crawled content. It would also be awfully nice if the regular index gets fed into mediabot’s index. This way the ads on a page that was crawled before will show relevant ads even to the very first human visiting the page

13 McCrown

Because of comment from “nonBot SEO Blog » AdSense MediaBot Indexing –” with link to this domain:
The domain is expired. All Tools on this site aren’t still alive.

14 McCrown

Because of comment from “nonBot? with link to this domain:
The domain is expired. All Tools on this site aren’t still alive.

15 Stock Disposal

As again Matt has briefed us on a Strong Anti Spam thing from G. Well Done Matt

16 John

another technique to penalize website.

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