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So from my other post some people have asked how I get such high conversions.. Basically I try to write ads for conversions and not clicks.

I see so many ads on all programs that try to con people in to their site. They say things like Free Ringtones Here! Or “Get Free Ringtones? Yes this can get you some clicks but will it get you conversions? Remember we are paying PER CLICK so we want to make those clicks count.

Azoogleads does a good job to give you examples for each offer on the positives for text creative.

So lets look at the facts to what we are selling:

People put in their phone number and get Ringtones
People get 10 free Ringtones to sign up.
People get charged a monthly fee after they get their free Ringtones

Use these to write an ad that converts at a higher percentage.

A example bad add would be – Get Free Ringtones Click Here For Free Ringtones

A good ad would be – 10 Free Ringtones – Just enter your phone number and receive your Ringtones.

Another good ad would be – Free Trial Ringtones – Get 10 Free Ringtones with each new subscription.

So you see… do not try to fool your consumer. They will click your ad and then quickly abandon ship when they feel they have been duped. Try to give them as much information about what they are getting into BEFORE YOU HAVE TO PAY.

(I am going to do a video blog entry on this with more specific details when I get back from the Boston->Toronto tour in the next few weeks.)

22 thoughts on “Write ads for conversions not for clicks

  1. graywolf

    I think that’s an excellent point and Greg touched on it a little during the interview. if you’re purely an organic player you are used to going after the most clicks. If you get 500 clicks and you’re not paying for them you don’t have to be as concerned with conversions and ROI. However once you start paying if you can weed out the “tire kickers” and “curiosity clicks” without having to pay for them your conversion rate will improve.

  2. Jason Sparks

    The unfortunate thing is you must strike a balance between pre-qualifying your leads and getting a decent Quality Score. On your recommendation, I’m going through the Pro Certification :) and I’m noticing that it is fairly heavily slanted toward just encouraging people to click (which is obvious for Google, they want money). The other balance that I found that must be struck is that between making keywords more ‘specific’ and making them ‘obscure’. What I call specific Google seems to call obscure, and penalizes for it…

    Hey Shoe, are you a CJ performer? They have asked me on a couple of occasions to join, but it seems like they put some pretty serious demands on you afterward… Just wondering, if you are one, are you finding it valuable?


  3. Andrea

    Have a great time in Boston! Sucks I couldn’t make it!!! The countdown for the newest edition to our family is getting closer! We’re so excited! I think you should buy a Red Sox outfit for the baby :)

  4. Dee

    This is such basic knowlege, its really amazing how many people just toss it aside. This is a good reminder. Awaiting your video!

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  6. ShoeMoney

    Thanks I cant wait until my world wind tour is over of Boston -> Toronto So i can get back to making some more videos… My skills are improving!

  7. Dee

    Shoe, how can you track your click and know which keyword is doing well if you’re sending your visitor straight to the merchant? I mean you can’t put any code on the merchant page but you can on your own landing page.

  8. Jason Geiger

    Yeah. I blogged a little bit about untargetted traffic. It’s pretty much worthless! I used played with TrafficTaxi.net and found out the conversions of non-targetted visitors SUCKED!

  9. Russ Jones

    Yeah, there are very few keywords we go after where we do not expressly admit that you are visiting our site for the purpose of a purchase. “Buy $keyword Here for $price”

    Im sure we miss a lot of traffic, but it is worth the high conversion rate.

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