Directorys -What Is Up With Them ?

by Jeremy Schoemaker on March 27, 2006 · 28 comments

Update: For those who do not have the latest version of iTunes you can watch on Google Video (it takes them forever to approve it =( )

With Zeal going down on March 28th it got me thinking a bit about directory’s.

Are they really of any value any more?

Check out the podcast!

Special thanks to my guests

David Naylor
Barry Schwartz
Todd Friesen

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1 Andrea

nice job bro, i like the question/answer :D

2 Bazkaz

Another cool podcast. I agree with Andrea the Q/A style was pretty cool, especially since it covered multiple opinions on the topic. Nice job.

Shoemoney 3 Ralph


4 dan kavanaugh

nice video, looks like you got that hd cam wired

5 Gemme

Good topic, and very well structured/ It was interesting to watch and listen to the varied opinions on directories. It beats webmasterradio. Time for seotv ?

6 Kyle

Is anyone else having problems downloading this video?

7 enndot

Surprised I’m the first, but ah… where’d you get the girls?

8 Brian Turner

Have you checked out Bob Mutch’s directory list? Very interesting system of appraisal:

9 Frank

Red Lobster

10 Shimon Sandler

Great video. Nice kitchen:-)


This was a great explanation of what directories are.
I’m not convinced that so called “scraper sites” do not gain value over time as they continue to focus on their niche and diverge from a source that might have seeded them initially.

I’ve also heard that as a spidering resource, directories are and will continue to be very important to the major search engines.

They are not link farms if they review each submission by definition.
Submit your ecommerce or whole saler site to:

12 ashwini

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