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Well here is my first blogcast. Please tell me what you think. I have a lot to say but I hate to write so thinking about just doing blogcasts… any opintions?

P.S. dont ask about the angel dust thing at the end… it was my attempt at SPECIAL EFFECTS!

35 thoughts on “First Blogcast

  1. Jon-Paul

    Nice one, I do think that you can get more across like this rather than people trying to read between the lines of text.. maybe less of the naughty words though 😀

  2. Dread

    Nah swearing makes the english language more colourful! But im scottish so i use the F word regularly. 😀

    Nice to see a cool new layout with some AJAX-y features, is this the big nerd ranch training paying off?

    PS: I started a blog, Any chance of a link? (/me predicts answer).
    PPS: You want your domain name yet? 😛

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  4. Paul

    I suffer from the opposite problem; if I read something I remember it, verbal stuff requires a massive effort to remember.

  5. Andrew Johnson

    I was expecting some long one hour video there, I guess thats not quite what you had in mind! I really like the new design here, I see you budged at decided to put ads on here too :)

  6. mrrbob

    This was cool, but two short. I don’t mind the language. Don’t bother me at all. life is profane sometimes. Put up an im or shoutcast type screen so we can drop by and make comments at ya throughout the day. That would be fun. try the two way thing.

  7. Cecil Sabu

    LOL, Shoemoney that Angel Dust was the most randomest thing…so are you going to stop blogging forever now or still blog every now and then?

  8. micsaund

    Verbal/audio information is OK *as long* as there is a site to back it up. I’ve been listening to podcasts alot lately and they spout-off so many cool-sounding sites and information and I cannot write it down since I’m driving (why would I need to listen if I were somewhere that I could read?) So, the audio thing is cool, but make sure that you always have a corresponding entry on the site which contains all of the mentioned links and other details that are hard to remember.

    Is that taken with your new iSight? Those are really nice cameras.

  9. ShoeMoney

    Yes the original one was taken with the isight. I actually compressed it a lot so the quality is kind of lacking (in the blog cast).

    I am really happy with it.

  10. ShandyKing

    I dig the little square on the bottom right of the screen. Looks like I am watching a National Geographic tv show.

  11. Dan

    Shoe great idea. I’m going to have to look into that myself. Don’t let people bring you down because you finally decided to put google adsense on your site. The new layout looks great!

  12. Iain

    Always wondered what other DP members’ voices are like. Great to hear what you sound like, not like Donald Trump at all. . Also do facial expressions spell the end of smileys?
    Now if only Nintendo,Shawn, VS and the gang put their voices and faces online we’ll find out who is truly wacko! :)

  13. Greg Balanko-Dickson

    Hey Shoe: what Bluetooth earpiece you using? I was thinking of getting one for my iMac G5 but was not sure which one to get. Thanks.

    Combine your video cast with your writing 1+1=2, my Buying a Business Podcast has been great for my business but so is my regular blog.

  14. ShoeMoney

    The earpiece is a sony eric hbh-660 it is for my phone not for the podcast 😉

    I have tried so many bluetooth headsets and this one has the best reach and reception.

  15. Carol Becka

    Great job! A fine way to see the nephew I never see enough of!!! Looking forward to more…
    Aunt C

  16. Lynn Terry

    Loved it!

    I’m a new reader, but already hooked. The more interactive and ‘real’ the web gets, the better – if you ask me 😉

    ~ Lynn

  17. Blogcaster

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