ShoeMoney SEM/SEO contest worth over $25,000.00

by Jeremy Schoemaker on February 24, 2006 · 49 comments

I have always wanted to host a SEO/SEM contest but I wanted to do something original… different… Now Don’t get me wrong, I love what and v7n have put together AND I have donated to each, but I wanted to try a new approach.

Azoogleads has generously signed on to be the official sponsor. The entire contest will have a estimated 25,000.00+ in prizes and I think many people will find it entertaining.. stay tuned…

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1 Hone Watson

Wow dude! $25,000 is pretty impressive compared to the prizes in the other contests. Kudos to you.

2 Eduardo Maio

Bring it on!

3 Lonnie

Keep me informed…

4 alek

Show me the (Shoe) Money! ;-)

Should be interesting …

5 Marcus Westberg

Nice prices :) I would do it if I wasn´t racing in the v7ndotcom contest.

6 Marcus Westberg

Nice prices! I would enter if i didn´t race with my v7ndotcom page.

7 Adam Sharp

This one will be fun to watch. I’ve been thinking of ways to spice up SEO contests as well.

One of the most interesting possibilities would be to target a word with lots of existing sites that have fairly strong link popularity. But, that’s probably unethical. Unless the phrase/sites you target is unethical, like “pro anorexia”.

8 Amit

Wow , another Super Big Contest announced here.
Shoemoney Rocks :)

9 Fredto

Shame I suck that much at SEO. I would love to participate in stuff like that. Great idea and great prizes!

10 Brandon

Shoemoney, pick a term that is well known, but not optimized for…something like “Shoemoney”!

11 dotcommie

nice idea – an seo contest hosted by a site without an ad on it. interesting concept

how do we enter?

12 Ali

Shoemoney, I am new to all these SEO contest, but they seem like great fun (I never seem to get anyhere near the first 2 pages), the more the better :)
Will it start after the v7ndotcom finishes?

13 Bjorn Solstad aka basicus

Hi Shoemoney. I took the liberty to make an article in my norwegian marketing magazine regarding the competition. I also published a slightly edited picture of you there. I hope that is okay with you. Send me another picture by mail if you did not like the one I published.

14 kabarkada

i think this will boost SEO/SEM to its peak, the other three competitions have already made SEO Practitioners get more focused on good SEO practices. with more coming, the world of SEO will become a world of great opportunities, fun and excitement. =)

15 WilliamC

Always trying new things shoe. Very cool announcement.

16 sagbee

Soo… when this contest begin . Shoemoney you never replay for this post…. why ???

17 QuadsZilla

I hope you make good on this; I think you scared away a 10k sponsor I had for an with this post.

18 ShoeMoney

what kind of seo blackhat are you that you cant spot a link bait!!!!!!

19 Bjorn Solstad aka basicus

Hey John. Are you scandinavian?

20 dhundee

even though i suck in SEO, i am excited to join with the experts, hope to see a great new contest through this go showmoney!!!

21 SEO Contest

Let me know when you have more details so I can post in my seo contest forum there are over 5 SEO contest curenty in progress yours will make 6
2006 is the year of SEO contests madness

22 Anthony Cea

Please tell us exactly what we have to do and when this starts!

23 luigi

Great idea!
Let me know when it starts ;-)

24 Dave

I’m looking forward to another contest! Keep me updated.

25 isulong seoph

i’m wondering when this seo contest will start, i’m excited! :)

26 Astromusicologie M Allok

is there any update on this?

27 guilbert

I love this site. Good work…

28 Esteban Panzera

I will be surely be into this when it starts :)

29 Manish Pandey

Wow! Shoe.. tht wud really be cool… Waiting for the contest…

30 Sixty6

So about that SEO Contest, just posted it, hope you get it running soon!

31 Geschenke breckenheim

hey, googled for completely different thing, but found your site.
your page is great.

32 Scandic

Hej Shoe!

Dynamic … that what it is. I love the WMR and NI – make it a 2 hour show though!

33 Marcus Westberg

This sounds good!
Please let us know before the contest starts, I always jump in all those contests to late.

34 seocontest

Shoemoney I have been waiting for your contest any news?

Let me know and I will add your contest to

35 Game Man

It’s never going to start is it?

36 ShoeMoney

the money is there just need to find the resources to pull it all together

37 seocontest2008

[…] of Jeremy, he has just announced that he will be hosting the largest SEO contest ever on his site This ShoeMoney […]

38 Lloydi

Wow! Dude!n When do it start? I excited to join. .

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