Godaddy frustrations have hit me first hand

UPDATE: its now 4 hours after I initial was locked out and I still can not get into my godaddy account. I called them back and the godaddy representative is now saying it takes 24 to 48 HOURS for the account to unlock after 5 inavlid attempts. WOW WHAT A NICE SECURITY FEATURE

I have read of other peoples godaddy issues. I have never had any problems so far but I have been leery as of late.

I went to log into my godaddy account this morning and it said invalid password/username. This is kind of weird because I store my password in the browser… So I manually typed it and still the same error. Now I am getting a bit concerned cause I have over 1500 domains currently in my account.

After several more frustrating attempts to get into my account I finally went through the whole process of reseting my password. After I got the email, went to the site, and picked a new password it still said invalid. Now I am just thinking they have some problem on there end.

So I call up there tech support and the guy tells me my account has been locked due to 5 invalid password attempts. Here is how the conversation went. (I actually recorded the call)

GD -“Hello, Thank you for calling Godaddy how can I help you”

ShoeMoney – “Hi my phone pin is XXXX and my name is Jeremy Schoemaker. I can’t get into my account.

GD – “Ok Let me see… Yes it looks like you have been locked out due to 5 invalid attempts”

ShoeMoney – “Well the password is stored in my browser and I have never had a problem before. Can you tell me what time it was locked out?”

GD – “I am sorry I can not but I can tell you it has been locked several times throughout the morning this is a security feature to protect you.”

ShoeMoney – “Ok well it doesn’t take a rocket science to see someone is trying to guess my password or using some sort of brute force method to get into my godaddy account?”

GD – ” Sir, I really doubt someone is trying to hack into your account”

Shoemoney – “Ok well… whatever so please unlock my account so I can access it”

GD – ” I am sorry sir but for your protection the system locks it for 30 mins after you tried 5 invalid attempts”

ShoeMoney – “Ok but I just reset the password”

GD – “yes but its still locked or 30 mins”

ShoeMoney – “You guys have a really really stupid security policy. Do you realize right now all of my websites could be down and I could be loosing tons of revenue and I have NO WAY to log in to your system because of your “security policy?!?”

GD – “Well Sir perhaps you should have thought of that before you stored your password in your browser”

ShoeMoney – “ouch, I think I am going to move all my domains over to Moniker”

GD – “Well if you want to register new domains I can transfer you to sales and they can register them for you over the phone then they will be in your account”

ShoeMoney – “In the account I cant access ???”

GD – “No sir it will be unlocked in 25 minutes”

ShoeMoney – “unless the person has a automated script setup to lock me out”

GD – “Well I really doubt that is the case”

ShoeMoney – “How can it not be the case? You say you see the account has been locked several times this morning and if I am not doing it then someone is trying to guess my password”

GD – “Well it could be someone is just thinking that is there username”

ShoeMoney – “Either way they have successfully kept me out of my account”

That was pretty much the convo. I do not know the legalities of posting a mp3 of the conversation but I did hear the call may be recorded for quality assurance. I wonder if that gives me the go ahead to publish the audio?

Anyway…. I do not think I can afford to keep my domains at godaddy any more. I have read others horror stories and I think my time is running out. I will probably move them all to