Lucky or smart?

I had a person email me the other day and ask if I was lucky or smart. I get asked that a lot. Usually by people who never actually have observed me work. They know I work from home and make a decent income so they figure its luck.

I actually had my step-mother-in-law (wife’s step mom) one tell me that I should be so thankful that I am lucky enough to be doing what I am doing. I smiled and said “yeah, its luck”… I really wanted to say ITS NOT LUCK I WORK MY ASS OFF.

My thoughts on the whole lucky or smart thing boil down to this:

Basically everyone gets lucky from time to time. The SMART part about it is knowing when you are lucky. I like to think that is what makes me smart. Educating yourself and asking questions in forums like digitalpoint is what will give you the smarts to know when your lucky and capitalize on it.

This is also the real difference of course between a successful web marketer and a bad one. You really have to see market trends and predict whats going to happen. This of course comes from experience mostly.

A weird thing is I have been trying to make money on the internet for 10 years now but have only been successful for the last 2. I owe a lot of that to forums where people have been gracious enough to speak from there experiences. Also the birth of contextual marketing from products like AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network have helped me a lot.

Anyway… so are YOU lucky or smart? Hopefully you are smart enough to just realize WHEN you are lucky 😉

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