Getting frustrated with buying my last name

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Thanks to all who have helped. I have contacted the owner and we are in negotiations ;)

Again thanks!!

So I have wanted to own for a long time. The domain whois shows:

Whois Server:
Status: ACTIVE
No match for

I have used brokers and other resources to offer as much as $1,000 for the domain. I have received no response. If anyone can speak German and can find a contact address on that page I would appreciate it. If the domain is not for sale that is cool but I don’t want to miss owning my last name dot com.

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  1. Jammer

    FF without referrer header doesn’t seem to work…

    It’s Dutch, xxxxxx Schoemaker and I guess he lives in Apeldoorn. Probably works for a company named ASWeb (also check his mail is But since it’s his family name I don’t think he will sell.

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  4. Neon

    From what i see at, that guy is just a normal user (not domainer). he is asking high price just because he didnt want to sell it, for personal use, but there could be chance that you eventually able to moved him.
    If he is a domainer, there is little chance you can get the domain without huge price tag… as most likely a domainer will know who shoemoney is 😀
    When sedo trying to acquire domain, it is worse. Anyway your case is different.

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