It all comes back to the domain name

Everyone wants to know how to get traffic to their websites. Including me. Sure SERPS are great in the short term for but its not going to last. When you do fall off the search engines is anyone going to remember your long ass name? If someone did remember your long domain name are they going to spell it all out right with the order of words and hyphens? Its more likely that some porn or domainers have nailed every variation and typo of your

Ebay is a perfect example of a super awesome domain name. They could have chosen or or other stuff but they choose

Here are some keys to getting a new domain that I always consider:

Is the domain brand-able – when people hear it are they only going to think of me?
Does the domain pass “the phone test” – This is the most important in my opinion. I think many people forget about word of mouth advertising. If you cant simply say “goto” over the phone and have someone be able to type it out without a explantion from you like ohh add a hyphen or spell it different then that is a HUGE ADVANTAGE.

So what do you think is important?