Seo is dead

When I was in San Jose last summer at the SES convention, I attended a session which dealt with contextual advertising. In the panel was Jason Calcanis and when asked about SEO he said to the audience that he thought “seo was dead”. I was pretty shocked to hear this self made millionaire announce such a thing. He had a few naysayers in the audience point out how other sites ranked better then his for X model of cellphone or X model of gadget but Jason stood his ground on the “seo is dead” stance.

Its been 5 months since I attended that conference and I have to say I agree with him. The search engines are improving at such a rapid pace. You may be able to rank for x or y #1 tomorrow but eventually you will get called out by Google or yahoo.

I have never tried to do 1 seo thing with this blog yet it ranks consistently for whatever I write about. I guess natural linking just wins in the end.