Live at pubcon – keynote

Brett Tabke took the podium for the keynote and went over a basic run of events. He made the comment that Matt Cutts was going to be talking about items that “had never been discused publically”. I am excited for that…

Robert X. Cringely next took the podeum. I had no fricking clue who this guy was. He talked about all his credentials it was all pretty boring. He said he invented the trash can icon as we know it. He went on to talk about how the trash can icon at first bulged then had stuff in it with the lid off …. aaaaaaaa killing me

He then talked about 1984 with he was with apple and he wrote a application that let people chat and share files and other stuff called apple link. Apple sold this application and it became America Online. That is interesting…

He then went on to talk about how Cisco Systems got started.

SO now I know Robert Clingely. Hes a guy that knows how everything started on the internet yet found a way to not profit from it. He talked constnatly about how he had a chance to buy percentages of all these companies… Apple, Exite, Aol, Sun, Cisco and all this stuff but he has nothing to show for it. Hrmm not sure about taking advice from this guy.

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