Dodge charger general lee model

dodge charger general lee Some of you may know I purchased a Dodge Charger this week. While I was at the dealership I noticed this Dukes Of Hazzard General Lee model that the dealership had done custom. The sales guy told me that it had just made a world tour with the Dukes Of Hazzard movie and was the only one in existance. Also he said it puts out TONS more horsepower then the stock as it has been completely overhauled for speed and looks.

I told him I was a bit of a web marketer and that I would throw up a page about it along with some photos if he let me drive it.

He agreed and let me tell you it was pretty awesome. This was definatly the fastest car I had ever driven. I just had test driven the v10 Viper before this thing and this charger felt quite a bit quicker. Of course it has tons of factory mods.

If you are interested in purchasing this email me I am not positive what they will take for it but I am guessing around 75k with all the mods and custom stuff.

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